Weaning recipe: Baby Bircher

Once your baby is used to purées, move them onto a more textured breakfast. This weaning Bircher combines delicious fruit, oats, chia seeds and milk

  • Prep:5 mins
    No cook; soak for 1 hour or overnight
  • Serves 1- 2 portions for baby or young child
  • Easy

Nutrition per serving

  • kcal 40
  • fat 1g
  • saturates 0.3g
  • carbs 6g
  • sugars 2g
  • fibre 1g
  • protein 1g
  • salt 0.01g


  • ½ or 1 small apple or pear, finely grated (or 2 tbsp fruit purée)
  • 25g rolled oats
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 75ml baby or toddler’s milk


For younger babies

If puréeing, peel, core and chop 1-2 apples or pears, then steam over simmering water for 8 mins until tender. Blitz to a very smooth purée in a food processor. You’ll only need 2 tbsp of the purée but you can portion up and freeze the rest.



  1. Mix together the fruit, oats, chia seeds and milk. If baby is used to soft foods and purées, you’ll need to steam the fruit (see tip below). If baby is used to more texture then you can peel and finely grate the apple or pear. 

  2. Soak for an hour, covered in the fridge – the bircher is ready to serve when the chia seeds are completely soft and gel-like. For babies, this should be eaten on the day of making, for toddlers, you can leave it in the fridge overnight and serve for breakfast if you like.

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