Pumpkin Patch Purée


Canned pumpkin is available all year round and is quick and easy to make—just open the

can and serve. Thin with breast milk for a nutritional boost. Make sure to buy plain

Easy Baby Food Recipes : Baby Puree Essentials Tips for Homemade Meals

pumpkin with no added spices, sugars, or dairy products.

  • Prep:13 days
    Cook:18 days
  • Serves 4
  • Easy

Nutrition per serving

  • kcal 0
  • fat 0g
  • saturates 0g
  • carbs 0g
  • sugars 0g
  • fibre 0g
  • protein 0g
  • salt 0g


  • ½ can pure pumpkin (approximately 8 ounces)
  • Breast milk or water for thinning as needed


  1. 01- Warm pumpkin in a small saucepan on the stovetop or in a glass dish in the microwave. Remove. 02- Add breast milk or water to thin if desired. Refrigerate remaining portions for up to three day

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