Crispy bacon

Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

Learn how to make the crispiest bacon for classic BLT sandwiches, pancakes or salads. Launch the step-by-step to see a visual guide

  • Prep:2 mins
    Cook:15 mins
  • Serves 6-8 rashers
  • Easy

Nutrition per serving

  • kcal 134
  • fat 11g
  • saturates 4g
  • carbs 0g
  • sugars 0g
  • fibre 0g
  • protein 9g
  • salt 1.7g


  • 6-8 rashers streaky bacon


  1. Put the bacon in a non-stick frying pan in a single layer. Top with another heavy pan or frying pan that fits snugly into the pan on top of the bacon. If it’s not very heavy, top with another pan, or anything heatproof and weighty.

  2. Fry on a medium-low heat for 10-15 mins until golden and super-crispy. Check the bacon halfway through cooking – increase the heat slightly if there’s lots of liquid in the pan, and flip the bacon over. Keep cooking until the bacon is uniformly golden and crisp.

  3. Drain on kitchen paper before adding to sandwiches or crumbling over salads or soups.

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