Ruttab rangina (traditional date dessert)

Recipe from Shaikha Al Ali, a Marketing major student at Zayed University Dubai, and founder of the cookery blog,

  • Serves 4

Nutrition per serving


    • 700 Ruttab dates, stems removed (available at Bateel)
    • 1 ¼ cup ghee
    • 3 cups whole wheat flour
    • Ground cardamom, for garnish
    • Ground cinnamon. for garnish
    • Yoghurt, to serve


    1. In a deep dish, place the ruttab dates in a vertical position.

    2. In a pan, melt the ghee on medium heat, add the flour and keep stirring until it reaches a brownish color.

    3. Spread the toasted flour over the dates. Sprinkle with cardamom and cinnamon, and serve with yoghurt on the side.