Wild Wild Honey launches in the UAE

The UAE’s culinary landscape welcomes a prestigious addition with the introduction of Wild Wild Honey, a brand celebrated for its exceptional authenticity and ethical values.

Wild Wild Honey is a creation of Premium & Fine Foodstuff, the parent company that is reshaping culinary standards by providing products that go beyond taste and uphold ethical principles. Each bottle of honey tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship, encapsulating the dedication of tribal honey hunters, and artisans with an age-old craft who journey through remote and distant terrains worldwide to source this nectar.

Wild Wild Honey

From the rugged terrains of the Sundarbans to the mysterious border forests between India and Pakistan, this honey offers diverse flavours, truly representing a global delicacy. However, it’s not just about global tastes; the limited availability is a result of the brand’s commitment to minimal human intervention, preserving the raw, untamed essence of the product.

In alignment with its ethos of giving back, Wild Wild Honey pledges to donate 5% of its revenues to the tribes and communities it collaborates with, a tangible demonstration of its dedication to supporting and sustaining these regions and their indigenous tribes. Connoisseurs in the UAE have the exclusive opportunity to savour the ‘The Border’ collection, a sensory journey derived from the border forest between India and Pakistan, promising a unique taste experience. Additional enticing varieties will soon join the brand’s offerings, further enriching its diverse range.

AED350 per bottle. Visit website.