Where to find authentic European restaurants in Riyadh

Whether craving classic French delicacies, hearty Italian fare, or the robust flavours of Spanish cuisine, Riyadh’s culinary landscape presents a melting pot of European gastronomy

Embark on a culinary journey through the city’s vibrant neighbourhoods to discover hidden gems and renowned eateries, each offering a unique interpretation of European culinary traditions. Whether seeking a casual meal or a fine dining experience, Riyadh’s authentic European restaurants promise to delight discerning palates and transport diners to the heart of Europe’s culinary capitals.

Best European restaurants in Riyadh



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Nestled within the prestigious Bujairi Terrace in Diriyah, TATEL Riyadh presents a captivating blend of Spanish haute cuisine complemented by inventive mocktails, live musicians, and daily entertainment, ensuring a distinctive sensory experience.

A.O.K Kitchen

A.O.K, situated in the heart of King Abdullah Financial District, embodies inclusivity and elegance, offering an innovative dining experience tailored to diverse dietary needs. With an extensive menu spanning breakfast to dinner, A.O.K emphasises the use of ingredients sourced from small, artisanal producers to deliver a meticulously crafted culinary journey.



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This Mayfair bistro, renowned for its French-inspired cuisine, debuted its inaugural international outpost in Riyadh’s Laysen Valley, featuring an innovative menu of classics. Options range from small plates like popcorn chicken with spicy mayo and crushed burrata to mains such as the truffle burger with Monterrey Jack and zaatar salmon with coriander salsa.



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In the heart of Riyadh, a contemporary Greek restaurant offers a modern take on Greek cuisine, sourcing fresh ingredients directly from Greece. Curated by acclaimed chef Ntinos Fotinakis, the menu promises a culinary journey filled with carefully selected raw materials transformed into flavourful dishes.

Piatto Restaurant


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Piatto offers an authentic Italian dining experience located in Qurtubah, inspired by the ambience of Biella, Italy. With a warmly lit setting reminiscent of cobblestone streets and rustic décor, Piatto provides a welcoming environment for enjoying a diverse selection of Italian dishes, accommodating various dietary preferences and ensuring a memorable dining experience for guests.

Mizo Eatery


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Mizo Eatery, a fine dining establishment located in the Al Ghadir Area, Riyadh, offers a diverse menu featuring Italian and international cuisine, including pizza, pasta, salads, burgers, and an array of refreshing drinks and desserts. With two floors of seating, including outdoor and roof terrace options, the restaurant boasts a beautifully designed interior creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere for diners to enjoy their meals.