Attend Dubai’s virtual farmer’s market

Les Gastronomes has launched a virtual gourmet farmer’s market in Dubai and you can attend it every weekend

Les Gastronomes 

The weekend is almost here and if you’re a foodie (like us) spending it at home, tune in and be part of Les Gastronomes virtual gourmet farmer’s market.

Available on weekends only, the market goes live every Thursday morning and displays fresh produce and limited-edition items to choose from. Perhaps some weekend gastronomic inspiration?

Expect to see truffles imported from the hills of Italy and raclette-specific cheese straight from the connoisseurs in France, to fresh seafood and seasonal fruits and vegetables at the marketplace. Available on a first-come, first-serve basis for artisan items, the produce will be delivered to your doorstep either on the same or next day.

Les Gastronomes is a family run, homegrown gourmet grocery delivery platform in the UAE.


Visit the market or Instagram