Give your kitchen a Quooker makeover

Bring efficiency to your cooking with a Quooker tap that can also boil, heat, chill and fizz up water in seconds

Qooker Dubai

Treat yourself and your family to a Quooker that will elevate your kitchen and bring you closer to smart living. Quooker is an innovative, high-end and smart brand that offers customers the option to get 100°C boiling, cold, chilled, still and sparkling water directly from one tap. The best part? It’s filtered.

How does a Quooker actually work? The Quooker system consists of a boiling water-tap on your kitchen countertop, that’s connected to a small boiling-water tank in the kitchen cabinet. The water in the boiling-water tank works similarly to an insulated water flask. The water within the tank is kept heated to a temperature of 110°C, all while using close to no electrical energy. When you turn on the tap, the water moving from the tank to the tap slightly cools down, allowing you to always have water at a stable 100°C temperature.

Soups for iftars and teas for Suhoors are just some of the ways you could use a Quooker tap this Ramadan. And, since Ramadan is the month of giving, Quooker is providing an offer of 1,000 litres of free sparkling water with every all-in-one Quooker tap purchase during the Holy Month.

Qooker Dubai

Whether it is a stainless-steel flex tap with a pull-out hose, or a black square fusion tap; despite Quooker’s technology-driven core, you can find a tap to best fit your kitchen. The Quooker tap comes in different models and offers many features, with taps ranging from only boiling water taps to the all-in-one taps for boiling, hot, cold, chilled and sparkling water.

Kitchen dealers with Quooker systems include Häcker, Kaiser, Gemaco Interiors, Cherwell, Goettling Interiors, Boffi Studio Dubai Purity LLC, Snaidero – Bespoke and Concept Kitchens, Keller Kitchens, SieMatic, Kitchen & Beyond LLC, Studio 971, Pedini, Vivente, Obegi Home, Galaxy Kitchen, Casamia, New Evolution, Closets Unlimited, SAS Express, Fronteriors, JCT, Tabbaa Kitchens and M.A.H.Y KHOORY.

Offer valid on payment during Ramadan, on select Quooker taps. Visit stores, the website or Instagram.