New Japanese-inspired restaurant launches in Abu Dhabi

The Al Qana district in Abu Dhabi is home to a new Japanese-inspired concept called Otoro

Otoro is a brand-new modern Japanese restaurant in the Al Qana district in Abu Dhabi. Managed by the renowned Chef Akmal Anuar, Otoro is the latest addition to White Rice, a hospitality company based in the UAE with a strong focus on creating cracking culinary experiences.

The philosophy at Otoro is simple and diners can look forward to exquisite dishes starring fresh produce from various regions across Japan. Think Wagyu from Kagoshima, Otoro from Tokyo and Uni from Hokkaido, to name a few.

The menu is unique to the restaurant and features highlights such as Yellow tail carpaccio, Wagyu tempura, Shabu shabu burger and Sea bass miso yaki. Indulgent desserts such as a Green tea tiramisu and Dark chocolate tart with butterscotch, serve to round off your meal.

Nestled amidst Abu Dhabi’s iconic landmarks (the National Aquarium and Marina Waterfall) with vistas of the Grand Mosque, Otoro’s modern architecture stays true to the neutrality of contemporary Japanese design. This unpretentious and unassuming dining destination welcomes Abu Dhabi residents to an ultimate gastronomic experience; and as part of their second launch phase, Otoro aims to add ‘Omakase by the Sushi bar’.

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