Uzbekistan’s Navruz celebrated by OSH

OSH, the contemporary Uzbek restaurant has welcomed the start of the Navruz festival with a food fiesta

Uzbekistani restaurant OSH Navruz festival

OSH, La Mer’s very own restaurant dishing out Uzbek-style cuisine has launched the OSH Food Festival that takes place until the first week of April.

Celebrating the colourful and fun-filled Navruz holiday, which marks the beginning of spring in the Northern hemisphere, OSH will serve up special limited-edition dishes.

Enjoy delicacies such as Mol Go’shti Osh (a beef dish), Sabzavlar Osh (a vegetarian dish), Tawook Osh (a chicken option) and the signature special, Osh with lamb.

OSH represents traditional Uzbek cuisine, served in a contemporary manner whilst retaining its original authenticity.

The restaurant ensures that it uses only authentic Uzbek ingredients in its dishes, due to their vibrant flavours and aromas from fertile land and an agreeable climate in Uzbekistan.

March 23 to April 4. Sunday- Wednesday from 1pm-1am and Thursday-Saturday from 1pm-2am. Call +97155 963 6756. Visit the website or Instagram.