Say hello to natrl Box Water, the UAE’s first boxed mineral water

natrl Box Water, a sustainable water brand offering pure mineral water and the chance to ditch plastic, has launched in the UAE

natrl water UAE

natrl Box Water is the UAE’s first boxed mineral water. Available to purchase in the UAE with free home delivery, the premium, sustainable water brand has been with forward thinkers, the environmentally conscious consumers and playful trendsetters in mind.

Boxed at the source, natrl Box Water is a 100 per cent deep Artesian natural mineral water that is sourced and boxed onsite at one of the cleanest places on Earth, the Heretaunga Aquifer within the Heretaunga Plains in New Zealand. This means, when you drink natrl Box Water, you are hydrating your body with one of the purest water sources on Earth.

Offering a natrl pH balance of 7.5, the same pH as our bodies, natrl Box Water offers goodness from the inside out with a perfect alkaline balance that is soft on digestion too. natrl Box Water is also naturally sterile, as it’s one of a few waters in the market that has not been treated in any manner.

natrl water UAE

Sustainable quality is one of natrl’s guiding principles and the 10litre box design offers a mineral water in a paper-based alternative package. This packaging uses 90 per cent less plastic, with no needless waste or pollution being generated.

With over 2 billion litres of water estimated to be consumed in the UAE each year, equating to approximately 265L per person, the UAE has one of the highest per capita bottled water consumption levels in the world. natrl Box Water hopes to alleviate the ill effects of plastic with unique paper packaging which is not only made from sustainable sources but is completely recyclable too.

natrl Box Water’s clean design and simple to dispense nozzle also makes it possible for convenient storage in your fridge or on your kitchen countertop.

Buy online. AED60 per 10litre box. Visit Instagram.