Mitsu-Ya opens its doors in Dubai

Mitsu-Ya, the sushi bar and Izakaya hailing from Beirut, has opened its first international outpost in Dubai


Nestled within The Ritz Carlton DIFC, Mitsu-Ya welcomes diners to indulge in a bespoke dining experience starring fiercely authentic Japanese cuisine. The name Mitsu-Ya is composed of the founder’s first name, Mitsu Arai and the word ‘Ya’, which means ‘house’ in Japanese. Thus, translating to mean that you are dining at the chef’s house, the omakase way.

Staff dressed in beautifully intricate traditional geisha uniforms greet diners, as they walk into a setting featuring wooden and bamboo elements adorned with oriental detailing throughout. The minimalist destination offers a few seats at the chef’s bar, where diners can look forward to an omakase experience (a type of meal comprising dishes selected by the chef). Here, the chef prepares each course based on the preferences of those seated at the counter, crafting each plate with care before presenting it whilst offering his knowledge and vision of his craft. Expect the likes of Otoro tuna and buttery Hamachi, alongside the quintessential grilled or marinated fish and vegetables in the form of nigiri, sashimi and more.

For those who prefer to experience Mitsu-ya the à la carte way, the Izakaya menu offers a seamless curation with niche ingredients and delicacies. Take your pick from the Asari clam soup, Green tea noodle crab, Popcorn shrimp served with Mitsu-ya sauce, Kinoke sauté brimming with a mix of earthy mushrooms in a butter-soy glaze and more.

Heartier options will have you tucking into bowls of Shoyu ramen and Beef tantanmen; while mains include options such as Grilled octopus, accompanied by sautéed potatoes with an onion-based sauce and Wagyu tenderloin served with a well-balanced Yakiniku sauce and yuzu-mashed potato on a bed of fluffy multigrain rice.

Choose to complement your meal with high-quality Japanese origin fermented rice brews, Japanese hops and house beverages, or refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. Finally, indulge in the house specialty Green tea fondant, a tempting treat served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream; or the decadent Mitsu-Ya chocolat parfait.

Monday to Saturday for lunch from 12-3:30pm and dinner from 6:30pm-12am. Visit Instagram.