Michael Kors unveils Watch Hunger Stop 2021 campaign

Michael Kors reveals an employee-led Watch Hunger Stop 2021 campaign, entitled Food Is Love – There’s Always a Seat at The Table, in partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme

Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop 2021

The Watch Hunger Stop 2021 campaign has just been unveiled by Michael Kors and it is titled, Food Is Love – There’s Always a Seat at The Table featuring a diverse collection of the brand’s own employees and friends.

Watch Hunger Stop is the brand’s long-running philanthropic initiative in partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The news comes in time for the upcoming World Food Day on October 16.

Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop 2021

Shot by photographer Chelsea Kyle on a rooftop in New York City, the campaign imagery features people gathered around picnic tables in the spirit of sharing a meal together. The special-edition Watch Hunger Stop 2021 designs, a black 100 per cent organic cotton LOVE t-shirt, a black hat and a black face mask are adorned with a red LOVE heart patch and the WFP logo. All profits from the sale of the t-shirt, hat and mask go to WFP (detailed information below*).

Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop 2021

And since engagement is crucial in the march toward Zero Hunger, this year’s Watch Hunger Stop campaign includes a delightful social media initiative too. A unique Instagram filter called “Share Your Heart” features a neon heart that you can add to your post to join the community and spread the love. Each post using the “Share Your Heart” filter triggers a donation of 50 meals to WFP (detailed information below*). The filter can be found on the Michael Kors Instagram page, under the filters tab.

You can also choose to donate online, should this be an easier option for you (link below).

Now in its ninth year, Michael Kors’ Watch Hunger Stop campaigns are focused on helping WFP provide much-needed school meals to children in food-insecure regions of the world.

*For each Watch Hunger Stop LOVE T-shirt, hat or mask purchased from a Michael Kors retail store or official Michael Kors website, Michael Kors will donate 100 per cent of profits (equivalent to the average value of 100 meals or US$25 for the T-shirt or hat and 80 meals or US$20 for the mask) to WFP. For each selfie posted to an Instagram account using the “Share Your Heart” filter, Michael Kors will donate 50 meals (equivalent to US$12.50) to WFP. Michael Kors will donate up to three million meals to WFP through September 20, 2022. All funds raised will be donated to WFP USA, a US charity that supports the programs of WFP.

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