Lulu’s Private Label unveils its new sustainability practices

Sponsored: With a well-established ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policy firmly in place, LuLu weaves a distinct narrative around its sustainability efforts

In the thriving domain of LuLu’s private label brands, the primary focus is on sustainability as a central corporate responsibility. This commitment plays a pivotal role in reducing the environmental impact of this leading retail giant. Additionally, through transparent and consistent sustainability practices, coupled with eco-friendly policies, the LuLu Private Label goes beyond mere pricing considerations to actively address the environmental concerns of its entire network of stakeholders.

The Group continually assesses its impact and meticulously scrutinizes the complete lifecycle of its products, including production processes, composition, and eventual disposal. As the LuLu portfolio of private label products continues to expand, the Group actively enforces rigorous responsible sourcing practices throughout its operations while suppliers adhere to ethical and eco-friendly standards while championing equitable labour practices.


The company has wholeheartedly embraced a ‘Reduce and Replace’ strategy across its entire supply chain. This involves streamlining packaging designs to ensure optimal product protection while simultaneously substituting materials with biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, or reusable alternatives. This shift toward more compact, lightweight, and efficient packaging not only reduces transportation costs but also leads to a diminished carbon footprint stemming from fossil fuel usage.

Moreover, the LuLu Private Label takes substantial measures to curb waste through enhanced management and initiatives such as recycling programs within its supply chain facilities. As a conglomerate serving over 200,000 daily shoppers on a global scale, LuLu wields considerable influence in the realm of food sustainability and waste management.


LuLu has seamlessly integrated sustainability into its product offerings encompassing items such as fresh poultry, eggs, and dairy products, championing local ‘farm-to-table’ movements that reduce transportation and support small-scale farmers. The label also offers biodegradable trash liners, recyclable plastic goods, environmentally friendly cleaning sponges, and robust compostable disposable toothbrushes crafted from bamboo and bagasse.

When you choose a LuLu Private Label product, you become part of a robust and rapidly evolving sustainability and green shopping initiative in the region.

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