Indulge in Pan-Asian cuisine in private pods at The Pods, Bluewaters

The Pods, Bluewaters, offers a private fine dining experience in private pods, elevated by picturesque JBR skyline views

The Pods, the newest dining destination on the Bluewaters fine dining scene, has set out to transform luxury dining in the country. Featuring 22 private pods of different sizes, with the capacity to seat up to 168 diners in total, the setting offers a unique, intimate and personalised atmosphere.

The Pods restaurant and bar will serve exquisite Pan-Asian cuisine – a delectable fusion of Chinese, Japanese and Thai flavours with a modern touch.

Taking the inside to the outdoors, The Pods’ air-conditioned spaces are well-appointed with lush decor featuring abundant greenery, a large central table and a rounded plush sofa to sink into and enjoy good conversation, good company and terrific food. An ambient atmosphere awaits at the indoor area in The Pods, with stylish black interiors contrasted with canopies of flowing foliage and sleek, curved light fittings that add a radiance to the venue. The indoor area can seat up to 30 individuals.

The menu will feature the best of Pan-Asian cuisine, catering to familiarity whilst adding a unique culinary flair to each dish. Diners can expect mouthwatering medleys of seafood, poultry, vegetarian and beef dishes, seasoned and cooked to perfection. The menu features the likes of fresh oysters, rock lobsters with truffle, tom yum or tom kha soup, an assortment of sushi, sashimi and nigiri and Chinese dimsum; while mains include black cod miso, Rendang beef curry and an array of classic stir fry dishes.

Daily from 12pm-1am. Call +9714 453 8994 or email Visit Instagram.