Tuna tataki

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Created by: 

Chef Giovanni Ledon, Executive Chef of Akira Back Dubai, W Dubai – The Palm.


Seared bluefin tuna, mustard su-miso sauce, spring onion, pickled wasabi, and maldon sea salt.

On the palate

The mustard su-miso compliments the bluefin by perfectly hitting all the right notes – sweet, sour, salty and spicy. It is then finished off with spring onion, crispy shallots, and kizami wasabi for a hit of umami and spice.

What makes it special? 

This dish brings the classic flavour of den miso (a sauce used for dishes such as Miso black cod) and turns it around 180 degrees. Playing with this flavour and pushing it to another level helps in pairing it with the robust flavour of bluefin tuna. The dish encapsulates the core essence of Akira Back Restaurant, where the art of crafting flavours and textures evokes excitement and nostalgia among diners.

Best paired with:

Pomegranate fizz (Bubbly red, healthy, rich in flavours and vitamins, and Korean pomegranate vinegar).

Ready to try it?

Daily, from 7pm. Call +9714 245 5800. Visit website.