Huna set to open in AlUla and Jeddah

For those seeking a space to dine and work, there are two upcoming additions to huna’s portfolio in AlUla and Jeddah

Founded in 2018, huna emerged as an early pioneer in Dubai’s culinary landscape, introducing a novel concept as a food hall and co-working space. The brand’s growth trajectory continued in 2020, marking its foray into the Kingdom with huna Takhassusi situated within Panorama Mall. Subsequently, a notable milestone was achieved with the inauguration of huna Riyadh Park in 2022, solidifying the brand’s presence in the Kingdom.

Within the Riyadh outlet, an exclusive lounge area is designated for members, offering a diverse array of activities to foster a strong sense of community among members.


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The unveiling dates for Jeddah and AlUla are yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for more information!

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