Heinz introduces the world’s first-ever ketchup insurance policy

Sponsored: Heinz Arabia, a leader in the region’s condiments market, has taken a playful and innovative approach to customer satisfaction with the launch of the world’s first ketchup insurance policy

Nearly half of Heinz Arabia’s UAE customers (48%) admit to experiencing regular “ketchup catastrophes,” ranging from accidental spills on clothing to errant splatters on furniture. However, a resounding 91% of these ketchup enthusiasts maintain that the deliciousness of the product outweighs the occasional cleaning challenge.


Inspired by the lighthearted social media phenomenon of showcasing ketchup-related mishaps, Heinz Arabia partnered with MyBenefits, the Middle East’s leading employee benefits app, to develop a comprehensive insurance program. This new initiative provides coverage for a staggering 57 different types of ketchup-induced incidents, ensuring ketchup lovers can indulge in their favourite condiment without fear of accidents.

Heinz Ketchup Insurance goes beyond simple financial compensation. Heinz Arabia offers a range of rewards for approved claims, including professional cleaning services, laundry assistance, handyman services, and even spa treatments. Claims can be submitted through the user-friendly MyBenefits app, or directly to Heinz Arabia’s website and social media channels using the dedicated hashtag #HeinzKetchupInsurance.

Heinz Arabia’s dedication to customer satisfaction and its playful brand identity are showcased through this innovative program, which acknowledges the occasional “ketchup catastrophe” and provides a lighthearted solution, further cementing Heinz Arabia’s status as a cherished condiment brand in the UAE.

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