Free masterclasses with Jones the Grocer x Valrhona

Get ready to attend two free masterclasses with Jones the Grocer, in collaboration with premium French chocolate manufacturer, Valrhona

Jones The Grocer and Valrhona

In an opportunity too good to miss, Jones the Grocer has teamed up with Valrhona, one of the world’s greatest chocolatiers, to offer interested participants two free-to-attend masterclasses.

Titled ‘Valrhona Chocolate and T2 Tea Pairing Class’ and ‘Baking with Valrhona Chocolate’, the two classes will also feature Instagram personalities Nicole Maftoum of @eatlikenicole and Haiya Tarik of @passmethedimsum as guest-hosts.

Nicole Maftoum, a baker and dietician with a passion for all things chocolate will share her baking knowledge and skills with those who sign up for the class; while tea and food-science enthusiast, Haiya Tarik, will take attendees on a chocolate and tea-tasting journey. Participants can look forward to gaining an understanding of Valrhona and a grasp on those ingredients that pair well with it.


Valrhona Chocolate and T2 Tea Pairing Class

Tea connoisseurs can make their way over to Jones the Grocer, Al Manara for this guided event by Haiya Tarik. Applicants will discover blends from T2, an Australian tea brand; they will learn to brew the perfect cup of tea; and how to pair each tea’s distinct flavour with Valrhona chocolate.

Those interested in shopping T2 tea or Valrhona chocolate for their indulgence, can then do so at Jones the Grocer stores or through their online shopping site.

Baking with Valrhona

Interested in gaining insights about the health benefits of chocolate and learning how to bake delicacies with the tempting treat? Sign up and tune in to this virtual class. Led by Nicole Maftoum, budding bakers can put on their aprons and join along in this workshop from the comfort of their homes.

Valrhona and Tea pairing on August 31 at 4pm at Jones the Grocer, Al Manara; and Baking with Valrhona on September 7 at 4pm. Book online.