Get fresh, organic produce to your door with Food4Life

Get fresh, organic produce to your door with Food4Life

Food4Life is an organic, fresh food online supplier to homes and offices in the UAE.

With a dedication to high-quality, certified organic produce, products from sustainable farming and a commitment to helping to make the earth a home to future generations, Food4Life strives to supply beautiful products as closely sourced as possible.

On December 1, Food4Life revealed its decision to ‘turn blue’, with a devotion to improving the planet and a ‘green’ effort to helping create a world with clean air, clear water and unpolluted, mineral-rich soil for growing healthy, organic vegetables.

“We all want to leave a beautiful world for the next generations, but sometimes companies get caught up in the process and forget about how their business effects the environment,” says Alex Sfeir, Founder and Managing Director for Food4Life. “We are going blue to show our dedication towards sustaining a healthy earth, in other words, a blue planet for green people.”

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