Explore the flavours of summer at Seaworld Seafood Restaurant

Sponsored: Renowned for serving exceptional seafood delicacies, head to Seaworld Seafood Restaurant and savour its new additions for the summer

Seaworld provides an extraordinary dining experience, catering to diverse tastes with its live seafood station and extensive culinary techniques. Ideal for families and friends looking for a tranquil laid-back setting, Seaworld’s menu features an innovative fusion of Dubai-meets-Bangkok culinary influences with dishes prepared using locally sourced ingredients.

Tuck into signature culinary delights that include deep-fried Sultan Ibrahim served with the chef’s special red sauce, spicy and tangy Tiger prawns skillfully enhanced with red curry paste, crispy and flavorful Spring rolls, comforting Tom yum soup, freshly-prepared Papaya salad, and Seafood fried rice to complement your meal perfectly.

With an array of exquisite dishes and a welcoming ambience, Seaworld Seafood Restaurant is the ultimate seafood haven for a memorable dining experience.

Call +9714 380 8009 or email seaworld@asianahoteldubai.com. Visit website or Instagram.