10 of the best restaurants in Jeddah

From delectable seafood to international flavours and innovative dishes, there’s a culinary adventure waiting around every corner.

Here are the best restaurants in Jeddah



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Experience a culinary journey to Japan with MYAZU, a renowned restaurant offering a contemporary twist on classic Japanese cuisine, featuring succulent Wagyu beef, delicate sushi, and signature dishes like black cod miso.

Khayal Restaurant

Immerse yourself in the rich flavours of Turkish cuisine at Khayal Restaurant. This beloved local gem offers an extensive menu featuring succulent grilled meats, aromatic mezze platters, and authentic Turkish specialties.

Brasa de Brazil


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Experience the churrascaria tradition at Brasa de Brazil, where roaming chefs carve perfectly grilled meats tableside in a vibrant atmosphere for an all-you-can-eat feast.

Rasoi by Vineet

Renowned chef Vineet Bhatia brings the vibrant flavours of India to Jeddah with Rasoi. Explore innovative takes on classic dishes, from fragrant curries to delicately spiced tandoori specialties.

Sultan’s Steakhouse

Sultan’s Steakhouse offers a selection of premium cuts cooked to perfection. Luxuriate in the elegant ambience and enjoy expertly prepared steaks alongside classic steakhouse sides.

Toki Restaurant


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For a taste of Southeast Asia, visit Toki Restaurant, a stylish eatery offering a delectable fusion of Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisine.

Fogo de Chão

At Fogo de Chão, immerse yourself in the Brazilian churrascaria tradition with a continuous flow of perfectly grilled meats and a wide variety of skewered seafood options.

Blue Ocean Restaurant

Offering fresh catches from the Red Sea, the restaurant boasts stunning ocean views and an extensive menu featuring grilled, fried, and baked seafood dishes.



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Immerse in the warmth of Lebanese hospitality at Shababik. This popular local restaurant offers a wide array of mezze platters, hot and cold appetizers, and flavorful grilled meats – perfect for a casual and satisfying meal with friends and family.

Nino Restaurant

For a taste of Italian comfort food, Nino Restaurant is a reliable choice. Their menu features classic pizzas, pastas, and risottos, all prepared with fresh ingredients and generous portions.