How to: Shop for avocados in Dubai

How to: Shop for avocados in Dubai

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find ripe avocados in Dubai. You can spend weeks waiting for your avocados to soften. Here’s our tips on how to shop for avocados in Dubai.


    If you want to buy avocados to use the same day, look for the prepackaged ones in Dubai. These tend to already be ripe and ready to use. They’re slightly more expensive, but worth it if you don’t want to wait weeks for them to ripen. They are usually available in packs of two, handy for salads, wraps and other quick dishes.

    2.Consider different varieties

    The most common type of avocado in Dubai is a variety called Hass. It’s easy to tell if this variety is ripe the skin turns from green to a dark blue-black colour. Another common variety is Lamb Hass. These are slightly more oblong, and often stay green even when ripe. Hass is often preferred for its shelf life. Whereas Lamb Hass has more depth of flavour.

    3.The power of a brown paper bag

    If you want to encourage your avocados to ripen quicker, put them in a paper bag with an apple. The paper bag traps the ethylene gas which causes the avocados to ripen. Placing an apple in the bag, means more ethylene gas is released (some people add a banana too). If you really want to speed up the process, place the bag indoors, in natural daylight, and add flour to the bag. The flour helps soak up the moisture, causing the gas to react more, whilst the heat from the sunlight speeds up the reaction.

    4.Avoid ordering

    It might sound obvious, but shopping for the right avocado requires showing up in person. Avoid ordering via an app, online or over the phone means you will end up with rock hard avocados. Visit the supermarket so you can check out the varieties on offer, and how ripe they are.

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