Alafya chicken: Try an alternative festive dinner this season

Living in the international, cosmopolitan city of Dubai means having access to a wide array of flavours. For example, there’s great Thai, Indian, Nepalese, Arab, African and European cuisines just a phone call or short drive away in the city.

So why to limit yourself to just traditional flavours this festive season? Alafya Chicken offers alternative choice of meals to cook over the holidays, that will be loved by family and friends.

Our top three picks:

Chicken teriyaki recipe

This delicious Asian-inspired dish packs a punch in terms of flavour. For the full recipe click here:

Homemade mandi chicken recipe

This wholesome dish is traditionally from Yemen. “Mandi” is similar to the Indian “tandoor” and provides a delicious smoked flavour. For the full recipe click here:

Filipino chicken adobo recipe

This much-loved Filipino recipe will be popular with those who love soy sauce and hotter dishes. For the full recipe click here:

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