A dreamy escape awaits at Lulu & The Beanstalk, DIFC

Lulu & The Beanstalk is a new homegrown bar, bookstore and café concept that has opened its doors at ICD Brookfield Place DIFC

A social club for the new world, Lulu & The Beanstalk was born out of a vision from two filmmakers, where they wanted to design a dreamy spot for diners to get lost in their own little world.

Wafa Tajdin and Amirah Tajdin, the two sisters behind the brand, share a deep love for storytelling; and this love was passed on to them by their grandmother, Mama Lulu, who encouraged the joy of getting lost in one’s imagination. An ode to Mama Lulu’s excellent storytelling skills and travels, visitors to Lulu & The Beanstalk can expect to find a curated selection of art, design, photography and poetry books, alongside a floor-to-ceiling bookcase with over 1,000 rare books.

Every iconic piece of furniture placed around the destination evokes a sense of play and comfort, and a handcrafted chandelier from the South African artist Adam Hoets serves to complete the whimsical interiors.

On the dining front, look forward to a selection of premium coffee, cold and small bites, comforting small dishes and hearty sharing platters, elevated by great tunes. The bar features a curation of boutique blends, organic grapes, artisanal hops and creative concoctions that take on a contemporary twist on the classics.

Lulu & The Beanstalk seamlessly blends books, coffee, hearty comfort food and bespoke sips to offer a space that celebrates aesthetics, creativity, stories and the spirit of the beloved Mama Lulu. Grab a beverage and nibbles, unwind by the comfortable couches and get swept away in a sensory journey.

Daily from Monday to Thursday from 9am11pm, Friday from 91am and Saturday from 1112am. Visit Instagram