How to create delicious Ramadan desserts at home: PART 2

 In the second edition of BBC Good Food Middle East and London Dairy’s collection of easy-to-make Ramadan desserts, chef Ryan Harris gives two traditional sweet dishes a Middle Eastern twist.

 Arabic Fruit Salad
Served with London Dairy Musk Melon Ice Cream

Vimto has established itself as the drink of choice to represent Ramadan in the Gulf over recent years, so the injection of the sugary syrup into this classic fruity dessert makes it an ideal addition to your iftar buffet during the Holy month.

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Served with London Dairy Fig & Walnut Ice Cream

In line with Ramadan’s tradition of indulging in variations of dates throughout the month, this easy-to-make sponge pudding is laced with date flavouring and topped with a luscious toffee sauce.