How to create delicious Ramadan desserts at home: PART 1

Hosting an Iftar for friends and family and looking for some new dishes to try? In a special Ramadan series with London Dairy, BBC Good Food Middle East and Dubai-based pastry chef, Ryan Harris, have put together a selection of easy-to-follow tutorials on delicious Arabic-themed desserts, so that you can try them for yourself at home. Stay tuned for new recipes coming soon!

Arabic Basboussa
Served with London Dairy Coconutello Ice Cream

This traditional Middle Eastern cake is so popular in the region that it actually has three names across the Levant. The Lebanese call it Namoura, the Palestinians call it Harisseh, and the Egyptians call it Basboussa. Here, chef Ryan uses coconut powder and T55 flour to give the cake’s traditional grainy texture, and tops with toasted pistachios and a home-made orange flavoured syrup.

Lotus Cheesecake
Served with London Dairy Pralines & Cream Ice Cream

A Belgian import, the humble Lotus cookie has become a top confection in the Arabian Gulf over the years. Here, chef Ryan uses both Lotus spread and biscuits to ensure the caramelised flavour shines throughout the cheesecake.