Five tips for making homemade sushi

Five tips for making homemade sushi

Food writer Najoud Al-Jabri from Chef On The Block offers her top five tips for making perfect sushi at home

1. Buy “sushi grade fish”

When purchasing seafood especially salmon or tuna, be sure to ask your fishmonger for “sushi grade fish”. This will be the freshest they have. Avoid using anything else. Signs of a fresh fish include: bright colour, no evidence of strong odor, smooth & firm flesh (not slimy). It’s best to buy a fillet of fish where possible.

2. Know how much to buy

When purchasing ingredients and preparing sushi, take into account that each person will approximately have 4-5 sushi rolls, along with a miso soup, salad or both. This will help you manage quantities & budget.

3. Have the right utensils

Be sure to have the right utensils for the occasion. These include:

  • Cling film and a rolling mat to help shape the sushi pieces.
  • Chop sticks, soy sauce bowls
  • Either a pressure cooker or a regular pot for the rice
  • A hangiri large wooden bowl and spoon

4. Slice it right

When slicing your fish, use a sharp, long, slim fish knife. This will give you the best control and consistent results. Slightly freezing the fish to solidify the flesh will make it easier to slice through. For maki rolls, begin by slicing down the middle. Then slice another two halves and so on.

5. The perfect sushi rice

  • Short-grained white rice is the best for making sushi.
  • Wash the rice in cold water before cooking to slightly reduce starch levels and to enhance its colour.
  • Once cooked, cool the rice in a Hangiri using a wooden spoon to stir and add rice vinegar.