Cooking with Lakeland: How to create an ultra fresh quinoa salad

Chef Aleksandar takes us through a simple quinoa salad recipe – the perfect healthy lunch option, using some of his favourite Lakeland products.

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Want to try the quinoa salad recipe at home? Here’s what you’re going to need…

  • LL 5 Pieces S/S Pan Set (Product code: 71767, price AED 825)
  • JJ Index Graphite (Product code: 44728, price AED 295)
  • LL 8select Grip Chef’s Knife (Product code: 72893, price AED 210)
  • LL 6 select Grip Utility Knife (Product code: 72889, price AED 155)
  • OXO GG Mini Salad & Herb Spinner (Product code: 18047, price AED 125)
  • LL Store & Pour Set (Product code: 17632, price AED 50)
  • LL Silicone Double Oven Glove (Product code: 14017, price AED 125)
  • LL Windup Digital Kitchen scale (Product code: 72379, price AED 175)
  • LL Balloon Whisk (Product code: 11336, price AED 30)
  • Summer Leaves Salad Servers (Product code: 61546, price AED 25)
  • 3 LL Mixing Bowls (Product code: 12869, price AED 105)