• Vegan jambalaya

    Vegan jambalayaNew Recipes

    Enjoy a delicious plant-based dinner with this vegan rice and bean one-pot. It’s packed with all five of your 5-a-day, as well as iron, vitamin C and fibre

  • Vegan burger

    Vegan burgerNew Recipes

    Make this fantastic base recipe for a vegan burger and add whatever you fancy – chilli flakes, grated lemon zest or other herbs all work really well

  • Halloumi skewers

    Halloumi skewersNew Recipes

    Make our veggie cheese skewers on a barbecue or griddle pan and add your favourite marinade. We have ideas for three flavour-packed glazes

  • How to roast garlic

    How to roast garlicNew Recipes

    Keen to find out how to roast garlic? Once roasted, garlic becomes sweet and soft – perfect for soups, sauces and dips

  • Vegan potato salad

    Vegan potato saladNew Recipes

    Make a vegan version of a classic potato salad using vegan mayonnaise. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a barbecue, picnic or salads in the summer

  • Paneer jalfrezi with cumin rice

    Paneer jalfrezi with cumin riceNew Recipes

    Spice up your week with this satisfying, healthy, low-calorie veggie curry. It provides calcium, iron, vitamin C and fibre, along with three of your 5-a-day

  • Porcini loaf with summer greens

    Porcini loaf with summer greensNew Recipes

    Make this mushroom, jackfruit and chestnut loaf for a vegetarian Sunday lunch. It’s super-healthy, and provides five of your 5-a-day in each serving

  • Chickpea soup with chunky gremolata

    Chickpea soup with chunky gremolataNew Recipes

    If you like hummus, you’ll love this low-calorie, gluten-free soup that provides an incredible four of your 5-a-day in each serving