• Chickpea, coconut & broccoli stew

    Chickpea, coconut & broccoli stew

    Serve this light yet comforting stew for a low-fat plant-based dinner. Chickpeas and green veg are cooked in a fragrant sauce made with coconut and ginger

  • Creamy lentil curry

    Creamy lentil curry

    Claire Thomson has produced a week’s worth of easy dinners to help you and your family settle back into the school routine. This lentil curry is comforting and full of flavour

  • Chunky vegetable soup

    Chunky vegetable soup

    Make this vegetable soup for a healthy lunch. Cottage cheese is the secret ingredient in the gluten-free dumplings – a healthier option and adding in calcium

  • Butternut squash burgers

    Butternut squash burgers

    Cook these meat-free burgers on the barbecue or griddle pan. They’re easy to make and require very little prep work. A kick of chilli heightens the flavours

  • Vegetable pasta bake

    Vegetable pasta bake

    Get the maximum flavour out of all the veg in our pasta bake by pan-frying it first. You can also freeze this for up to three months to enjoy on busier days

  • Hearty vegetable stew with dumplings

    Hearty vegetable stew with dumplings

    Tuck into a bowl of satisfying vegetable stew with dumplings. Ideal on cold wintery nights, serve with mash for hearty comfort food for the whole family

  • Easy veggie red curry noodles

    Easy veggie red curry noodles

    Try our vegetarian Thai red curry noodles for a filling midweek meal loaded with red pepper, mangetout and baby corn

  • Vegetarian pastitsio

    Vegetarian pastitsio

    In our veggie version of this Greek pasta dish, budget-friendly lentils replace the meat and we’ve used a little balsamic vinegar instead of grape

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