• Roasted spaghetti squash

    Roasted spaghetti squash

    When roasted, this squash can be pulled into long, spaghetti-like strands with a fork. Use in place of pasta, in salads, or with roasted fish or meat

  • Kale salad

    Kale salad

    Tuck into this vibrant salad packed with nutritious kale, root veg, nuts and cheese. It’s a satisfying lunch, but can also be served as a side

  • Smoky chickpea salad

    Smoky chickpea salad

    Enjoy the layers of flavour and contrast of textures in this vegan salad, with crisp, fried chickpeas, crunchy raw broccoli, and a smoked paprika dressing

  • Crunchy noodle salad

    Crunchy noodle salad

    Make our noodle salad for a light lunch or side – toasted dried noodles are combined with fresh veg and citrus to make this satisfying recipe

  • Caesar salad dressing

    Caesar salad dressing

    Make a rich and creamy caesar dressing to perk up lettuce, drizzle over cooked greens or enjoy as a tangy dip with crudités

  • Herby warm cucumbers with lemon

    Herby warm cucumbers with lemon

    Did you know that warming up cucumbers enhances their fresh flavour? To finish, all this summer side dish needs is a sprinkling of fresh dill and parsley, plus lemon

  • BBQ halloumi & corn salad

    BBQ halloumi & corn salad

    Grill halloumi and sweetcorn cobs with paprika on a barbecue for a summery salad that’s good as a main or side dish. Alternatively, you can use a griddle pan

  • Fresh salmon niçoise

    Fresh salmon niçoise

    On a balmy summer evening, a warm salad is satisfying yet light. Traditionally, niçoise is made with canned tuna, but the omega-3 fatty acids in the fish don’t make it through the canning process, so we’ve used wild salmon instead

  • Chicken shawarma salad

    Chicken shawarma salad

    Serve a bright salad to feed a crowd. It can also be made with leftover cold chicken, and is robust enough to transport without wilting – perfect for picnics

  • Ribboned courgette salad

    Ribboned courgette salad

    This salad takes just 10 minutes to create and is full of chickpeas, courgette, sweetcorn and feta. It’s substantial enough to enjoy on its own, or serve it as a summery side