• Slow cooker beef goulash

    Slow cooker beef goulash

    With fall-apart beef, tomatoes and peppers in a creamy, rich stew, our slow cooker goulash recipe couldn't be easier or more comforting

  • Slow cooker mac ’n’ cheese

    Slow cooker mac ’n’ cheese

    There’s no need to make a white sauce with this easy recipe. Just tip the ingredients into your slow cooker for a velvety smooth veggie pasta dish

  • Slow cooker pulled chicken

    Slow cooker pulled chicken

    Try this slow cooked smoky chicken as an easy alternative to pulled pork. It's best served in a bun or with rice, and makes a simple dish for a family meal

  • Spiced duck & date tagine

    Spiced duck & date tagine

    Duck legs are stewed in a slow cooker with rich Moroccan spices until meltingly tender – serve over fluffy couscous or rice

  • Slow-cooked Irish stew

    Slow-cooked Irish stew

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Middle neck or scrag end of lamb are flavoursome cuts and perfect for braising. This traditional casserole contains filling pearl barley, too

  • Slow-cooked porridge

    Slow-cooked porridge

    Put this oaty breakfast into your slow cooker before bed and wake up to a bowl of creamy comfort in the morning. Add your favourite toppings

  • Creamy veggie korma

    Creamy veggie korma

    Creamy and healthy – a winning combination for this curry, which can be easily adapted to suit all the family if some want to add meat

  • Better-than-baked beans with spicy wedges

    Better-than-baked beans with spicy wedges

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Students' cuisine may be the butt of many a joke, but with these nutrient-packed, low-fat and cheap beans, they get the last laugh

  • Cottage pie

    Cottage pie

    This great-value family favourite freezes beautifully and is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser