• Easy sultana scones

    Easy sultana scones

    The perfect weekend bake, a batch of these fluffy sultana scones won’t last long. Serve with plenty of butter and jam for an afternoon treat

  • Pimm’s scones

    Pimm’s scones

    Two classics combined into doubly delicious results, these scones will go down a treat at a summer party, served with lashings of Pimm's-soaked fruit and boozy whipped cream

  • Coronation chicken scones

    Coronation chicken scones

    What could be more British than this scone and coronation chicken combo? Ideal for a summer party or picnic

  • Cheese & bacon scones

    Cheese & bacon scones

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    These savoury brunch beauties can be made ahead of time and warmed up when you're ready to serve. Top with lashings of butter

  • Raspberry & coconut scones

    Raspberry & coconut scones

    Studded with whole raspberries, these scones have a burst of fruit in each bite – pack with clotted cream and jam to finish off a picnic

  • Ploughman’s scones

    Ploughman’s scones

    These savoury cheese scones, filled with thin slices of apple and chutney, make a delicious addition to an afternoon tea spread

  • Walnut scones

    Walnut scones

    Serve up these savoury, nutty homemade scones with soft goat's cheese and fig jam for an easy picnic treat

  • Lemon drizzle scones

    Lemon drizzle scones

    We've combined two of your favourite baking recipes to create one tea party treat – zingy lemon drizzle cake and traditional English scones

  • Buttermilk & sultana scones

    Buttermilk & sultana scones

    A classic teatime treat goes gluten-free- serve with butter, jam, fresh fruit, clotted cream or a combination of your choice