• Veggie burritos

    Veggie burritos

    Try our vegetarian burritos filled with mushrooms, beans and corn, complemented by creamy avocado and subtle spice. Enjoy with a tomato salsa on the side

  • Cowboy caviar

    Cowboy caviar

    Get the kids excited about veg with this salsa that can be easily adapted. If you’re taking it to a picnic, add the avocado and coriander at the last moment

  • Plum & raspberry crumble bars

    Plum & raspberry crumble bars

    Take your favourite treat on the go by transforming crumble into this sliceable bake made with seasonal plums. The squares are lovely served warm

  • Barbecue beef burger

    Barbecue beef burger

    A classic beef burger is a must-have at a barbecue. Pack blue cheese in the centre to make it a little more special and serve with your favourite sides

  • Broad beans & peas on toast

    Broad beans & peas on toast

    Vibrant and fresh, these toasts are great for al fresco eating. Spread thickly with goat’s cheese and top with minty peas and beans, plus lemon zest for colour

  • Curried beef pasties

    Curried beef pasties

    These savoury beef pasties are spiced with hot curry paste for an extra kick. Serve with mixed vegetables to make a satisfying meal

  • Chicken tikka pasties

    Chicken tikka pasties

    Make these moreish pasties for a picnic. They’re easy to pack up and take with you, and inspired by the flavours of a chicken tikka slice

  • Boerie roll

    Boerie roll

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Try this a Southern African version of a meaty beef hot dog. It has a coarse texture a little like a burger, but in the shape of a sausage

    More effort
  • Caprese sandwich

    Caprese sandwich

    Load slices of focaccia with pesto, mozzarella, rocket, red onion and tomato. They’re a perfect sandwich for feeding a crowd in a picnic.