• Green tomato chutney

    Green tomato chutney

    This classic condiment makes the most of end-of-season green tomatoes with apples, sultanas and spice

  • Crunchy courgette pickle

    Crunchy courgette pickle

    Try this fresh, sharp pickle with cold poached salmon, burgers off the barbecue or just buttered bread

  • Courgette & tomato chutney

    Courgette & tomato chutney

    A chunky and vibrant homemade pickle flavoured with yellow mustard seeds- keep as an accompaniment or present as a gift

  • Gooseberry jam

    Gooseberry jam

    Use up a seasonal glut of fruit in a tasty homemade preserve – store it for months or present it as a gift in a rustic hamper

  • Aubergine pickle

    Aubergine pickle

    Use up a glut of aubergines in this Indian-spiced chutney with tamarind, ginger and mustard seeds

  • Rhubarb & date chutney

    Rhubarb & date chutney

    Keep this tucked away for a month so flavours can develop and then serve it with cheese, pâté, cold meats,
    sandwiches – you name it

  • Dried apricot jam

    Dried apricot jam

    A delicious preserve made from storecupboard dried fruit- serve with hot buttered toast or present as a gift

    More effort
  • Pickled pears

    Pickled pears

    A stylish and gorgeous treat, spooned out of the jar with a little of the syrup