• Smoked salmon, leek & dill tart

    Smoked salmon, leek & dill tart

    Use ready-to-roll puff pastry in place of shortcrust as the base for this quiche and top with smoked salmon trimmings and leeks

  • Chicken pesto orzo salad

    Chicken pesto orzo salad

    Elevate standard pasta salad by using orzo and pesto. The dish also offers a good way to make the most of asparagus while it’s in season in the spring, too

  • Apple & custard rose tart

    Apple & custard rose tart

    Impress dinner guests with our apple and custard tart. With a homemade pastry base and pretty ‘roses’ topping made from apple, it’s an eye-catching dessert

    More effort
  • Easy almond mince pie puffs

    Easy almond mince pie puffs

    Make a Christmas staple with some homemade mince pies made with puff pastry. Serve for breakfast, or enjoy hot with vanilla ice cream for dessert

  • Beignets


    Enjoy these crispy, golden New Orleans-style beignets. Made with evaporated milk, they are best served warm with a generous dusting of icing sugar

    More effort
  • Chocolate eclairs

    Chocolate eclairs

    These deliciously decadent chocolate eclairs filled with creamy vanilla custard are worth the effort. Make a batch of these classic French pastries

    More effort
  • Leek & globe artichoke pie

    Leek & globe artichoke pie

    Make this Greek-inspired pie as a centrepiece dish for a special occasion. Encased in fabulous filo pastry, it's packed with leeks, artichokes and cheese

    More effort
  • Spring chicken pot pie

    Spring chicken pot pie

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Celebrate Easter with this spring chicken pot pie. It’s kinder on your wallet than the traditional roast lamb, and equally enjoyable