• Chocolate eclairs

    Chocolate eclairs

    These deliciously decadent chocolate eclairs filled with creamy vanilla custard are worth the effort. Make a batch of these classic French pastries

    More effort
  • Leek & globe artichoke pie

    Leek & globe artichoke pie

    Make this Greek-inspired pie as a centrepiece dish for a special occasion. Encased in fabulous filo pastry, it's packed with leeks, artichokes and cheese

    More effort
  • Spring chicken pot pie

    Spring chicken pot pie

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Celebrate Easter with this spring chicken pot pie. It’s kinder on your wallet than the traditional roast lamb, and equally enjoyable

  • Philly cheesesteak pies

    Philly cheesesteak pies

    Try this twist on an American classic – the cheesesteak filling is normally packed in a sub-style roll, but here it's topped with homemade, crumbly pastry instead 

  • Pie pastry

    Pie pastry

    Make a homemade pie with Tom Kerridge's pastry recipe. It's easy to adapt – swap the lard for drippings, or simply use butter for a vegetarian version

  • One-pot paneer curry pie

    One-pot paneer curry pie

    What's more comforting than a curry in pie form? This one-pot paneer pie is filled with a makhani-style filling and topped with a crisp puff pastry lid 

    More effort
  • Quiche Lorraine

    Quiche Lorraine

    This all-time favourite is perfect for a relaxed picnic with friends – serve with a crisp green salad

    More effort
  • Pheasant & mushroom pastry puff slice

    Pheasant & mushroom pastry puff slice

    Looking for an easy way to use up tasty pheasant leftovers? This golden brown pastry parcel with a sherry and crème fraîche sauce makes a filling lunch or hearty supper