• Potted ham

    Potted ham

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    This simple starter is a great way to use up leftover ham and you can freeze it ahead

  • Cottage chilli hotpot

    Cottage chilli hotpot

    The ultimate make-ahead comfort food dish – if you’re spending a weekend in the country this dish will defrost as you travel

  • Chocolate fruitcake

    Chocolate fruitcake

    If anyone in your family isn’t keen on traditional fruitcake, this might be the compromise you’ve been looking for

  • Deep-filled mince pies

    Deep-filled mince pies

    These deep, decadent mince pies with a layer of almond frangipane cook brilliantly from frozen

    More effort
  • Mulling syrup

    Mulling syrup

    This spiced syrup works equally well for mulled wine or cider. Make a batch ahead of time for entertaining or make up a gift kit for Christmas

  • Figgy Christmas pudding

    Figgy Christmas pudding

    A classic that every Christmas table should have. Make ahead and simply steam the puds to reheat on the big day