• Pressed picnic sandwich

    Pressed picnic sandwich

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    A great recipe for kids to assemble – fully load a ciabatta loaf with favourites like prosciutto, artichokes, peppers, spinach and mozzarella

  • Asian chicken salad

    Asian chicken salad

    This easy-to-prepare salad is filled with zingy flavours – the simplified version is great for kids’ lunchboxes too

  • Cornbread muffins

    Cornbread muffins

    These savoury snacks are brilliant for picnics and lunchboxes – plus they can be frozen ahead

  • Fab sandwich fillers

    Fab sandwich fillers

    These sandwich ideas are great for a school packed lunch and they’re so tasty, you’ll be taking them to work for your lunch, too

  • Fruit & spice soda bread

    Fruit & spice soda bread

    A traditional Irish loaf that uses bicarbonate of soda instead of yeast – this version is sweetly spiced with fruit and oats

  • Speedy meatball stew

    Speedy meatball stew

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Serve beef meatballs in a tomato casserole with garlic and rosemary and eat with pasta or crusty bread

  • Smashed bean dip

    Smashed bean dip

    Dip vegetable crudités into this low-fat, moreish dip for a superhealthy snack fix