• Leek & globe artichoke pie

    Leek & globe artichoke pie

    Make this Greek-inspired pie as a centrepiece dish for a special occasion. Encased in fabulous filo pastry, it's packed with leeks, artichokes and cheese

    More effort
  • Greek lamb meatballs

    Greek lamb meatballs

    Prep these comforting Greek lamb meatballs with chargrilled veg and potatoes in just five minutes. A guaranteed family favourite, perfect for busy weeknights

  • Greek-style roast fish

    Greek-style roast fish

    Oven-bake white fish fillets with potatoes, tomatoes and herbs for a healthy and gluten-free weeknight dinner

  • Lamb kleftiko

    Lamb kleftiko

    Seal a leg of lamb in a parcel then roast it long and slow with garlic, lemon and herbs, and potatoes to soak up the delicious juices

    More effort
  • Lamb burgers with tzatziki

    Lamb burgers with tzatziki

    Homemade burgers are always a winner – try this low-calorie, Greek spin with cucumber and mint yogurt and spicy patties

  • Greek lamb & macaroni bake

    Greek lamb & macaroni bake

    A cross between moussaka and macaroni cheese, this thrifty Mediterranean pasta bake makes for a hearty meal