• Coconut ice cream

    Coconut ice cream

    Make a creamy and refreshing vegan coconut ice cream. It can be served in cones or bowls, and is great topped with even more coconut

  • Dulce de leche

    Dulce de leche

    This rich, creamy caramel sauce is a great way to level up your favourite desserts. It’s easy to make and tastes heavenly – try it drizzled over vanilla ice cream

  • Chocolate ice cream

    Chocolate ice cream

    Forget the faff of ice cream makers and custard – this fudgy chocolate ice cream not only tastes divine, it’s easy to make at home too

  • Frozen yogurt

    Frozen yogurt

    Whip up this frozen yogurt to enjoy on hot summer days – it’s low-calorie and packed with flavour. We used strawberries, but you could try it with other fruit

  • Frozen banana ghosts

    Frozen banana ghosts

    Bananas taste spookily like creamy ice cream when frozen in ghostly robes of white chocolate – quick and easy, with just 4 ingredients