• Carrot & star anise purée

    Carrot & star anise purée

    If you fancy adding something a little different to the table on Christmas Day, this seasonal purée could be just the thing

  • Gravy for the Christmas turkey

    Gravy for the Christmas turkey

    This simple recipe uses white wine for a pale, light gravy, but it can also be made with red wine or Port for a richer flavour

  • Roast turkey with citrus butter

    Roast turkey with citrus butter

    Moist and golden, this Christmas turkey will be the crowning glory of your festive feast. It's simple to make and guaranteed to impress friends and family

  • Bay & orange roast turkey

    Bay & orange roast turkey

    Brushing the turkey with a last-minute sticky glaze means your bird will be golden and looking its best when you bring it to the table

    More effort
  • Golden roast potatoes

    Golden roast potatoes

    Don’t spend Christmas morning peeling potatoes, make our freeze ahead roasties

  • Chocolate fruitcake

    Chocolate fruitcake

    If anyone in your family isn’t keen on traditional fruitcake, this might be the compromise you’ve been looking for