• Duchess potatoes

    Duchess potatoes

    Impress dinner guests with a serving of Duchess potatoes. Made with eggs, butter and Grana Padano and piped into swirls, they make an indulgent side dish

  • Air-fried chicken

    Air-fried chicken

    Use an air fryer to make these easy chicken thighs, and add the seasoning or sauce of your choice. It’s an easy way to cook chicken when you’re busy

  • Crab apple jelly

    Crab apple jelly

    Treat family and friends to homemade crab apple jelly – make up jars and enjoy with meat and game, or in cake fillings

  • Salted caramel popcorn pots

    Salted caramel popcorn pots

    Sweet and salty, this decadent dessert is served in individual pots, with a caramel puddle at the base and a creamy panna cotta topping

  • Braised ox cheek Wellingtons with peppercorn gravy

    Braised ox cheek Wellingtons with peppercorn gravy

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Crisp puff pastry covers tender meat in these individual Wellingtons – the ultimate main course for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal for two

    More effort
  • Hot mocha puddings

    Hot mocha puddings

    It only takes a few minutes to mix, microwave and top these hot chocolate puds with ice cream and liqueur for a rich, indulgent dessert

  • Chocolate, mint & chilli truffles

    Chocolate, mint & chilli truffles

    Make these easy homemade truffles as an edible gift or after dinner treat – balance heat from the chilli with cooling mint extract