• Chicken wing dippers

    Chicken wing dippers

    Serve these chicken wing dippers with sauces for easy buffet or party food. Try our moreish teriyaki and sweet curry sauces below, they work really well

  • Alcohol-free amaretto sour

    Alcohol-free amaretto sour

    Treat yourself to an amaretto sour mocktail, with all the sweet, sharp and nutty flavours of the classic cocktail, without the booze

  • Herby roast potatoes

    Herby roast potatoes

    Cook these best ever roast potatoes on a baking tray with low sides to get golden, crisp results. Serve with a Sunday roast.

  • Sweet potato balls

    Sweet potato balls

    Make a Taiwanese snack favourite, sweet potato balls. They’re made with sweet potato and tapioca starch, rolled into balls and deep-fried until golden brown

  • Air-fried chicken

    Air-fried chicken

    Use an air fryer to make these easy chicken thighs, and add the seasoning or sauce of your choice. It’s an easy way to cook chicken when you’re busy

  • Persian basmati rice chelo (tahdig)

    Persian basmati rice chelo (tahdig)

    Cook rice the Persian way. The holy grail of Persian cuisine and the centre of every meal, the rice is steamed to achieve elegant, separated grains

  • Crab apple jelly

    Crab apple jelly

    Treat family and friends to homemade crab apple jelly – make up jars and enjoy with meat and game, or in cake fillings

  • Quince jelly

    Quince jelly

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Serve this rose-coloured quince jelly as part of a cheeseboard, or alongside pork or game dishes. It’s a great way to use up a glut of the fruit

  • Mushroom jacket potatoes

    Mushroom jacket potatoes

    Take just a few ingredients and rustle up these tasty mushroom jacket potatoes. They're healthy, low-calorie, gluten-free and ideal for a filling lunch or supper