• Festive red salad

    Festive red salad

    Cabbage, red onion, apple and beetroot – all the brightest purple fruit and veg makes up this winter salad with sweet vinaigrette

  • Red cabbage with beetroot

    Red cabbage with beetroot

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Add some colour and vitamins to your plate with this aromatic cabbage dish. Perfect with boiled Christmas ham

  • Pickled red cabbage

    Pickled red cabbage

    A colourful accompaniment to cheese or meat, this infused pickle can also be jarred and given as a gift

  • Christmas spiced red cabbage

    Christmas spiced red cabbage

    This classic side can be made up to two days in advance. For maximum flavour, cook the cabbage down really well over a low heat until it’s really sticky

  • Fruity red cabbage

    Fruity red cabbage

    Rustle up your own, sweeter version of pickled sauerkraut with apple, redcurrant and cider flavours

  • Sticky spiced red cabbage

    Sticky spiced red cabbage

    This colourful dish will complement any
    festive main course. Toss any leftovers with a drizzle
    of olive oil and serve with
    cold cuts, pâté or cheese