• Hot honey-glazed gammon

    Hot honey-glazed gammon

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Serve up this spicy, sticky and sweet gammon over the festive period. It’s just as fabulous in Boxing Day sandwiches as it is for the main event

    More effort
  • Tamarind-glazed sweet potatoes

    Tamarind-glazed sweet potatoes

    Try a new take on Christmas potatoes. The sourness of the tamarind with the freshness of coriander and red onions cuts through the sweetness

  • Easy cheesy leeks

    Easy cheesy leeks

    Make these luxurious leeks as part of your Christmas spread. Easily prepared in advance, the dish will bring great flavour to your Christmas dinner feast

  • Honeyed hasselback carrots

    Honeyed hasselback carrots

    Cook carrots using the hasselback method to add visual flair to the Christmas table. It also means the garlicky glaze reaches all the way through the veg

  • Roasted garlic & herb turkey crown

    Roasted garlic & herb turkey crown

    Try a turkey crown instead of a whole bird for Christmas dinner – it’s quicker and easier to roast. Roasting the garlic for the butter first mellows out its flavour

  • Best ever roast duck

    Best ever roast duck

    Indulge in Tom Kerridge’s ultimate roast duck at Christmas, with seasonal clementines and oranges. Serve with duck-fat roasties, watercress and gravy

    More effort
  • Air-fryer sausage rolls

    Air-fryer sausage rolls

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Make sausage rolls flavoured with apple and sage in the air fryer. If you’ve got a larger machine or a couple of drawers, feel free to double the recipe

  • Sweet chilli-glazed pork in blankets

    Sweet chilli-glazed pork in blankets

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Enjoy our chilli-glazed variation on a Christmas classic. As well as being a moreish side for the festive turkey, they also make a delicious canapé

  • Air-fryer mince pies

    Air-fryer mince pies

    Save energy and effort and make these mince pies with the help of an air fryer. Keep replenishing your cake tin with a batch over the festive period

  • Broccoli quiche

    Broccoli quiche

    Thinly slice this tart to serve as an elegant Christmas starter alongside a fresh salad, or cut into generous pieces for a Boxing Day buffet