• Squidgy chocolate pear pudding

    Squidgy chocolate pear pudding

    This hot, gooey chocolate pud, with dark chocolate and canned pears, can be made ahead and frozen – a perfect no-fuss dinner party dessert

  • Hot mocha puddings

    Hot mocha puddings

    It only takes a few minutes to mix, microwave and top these hot chocolate puds with ice cream and liqueur for a rich, indulgent dessert

  • Torta del Nonna

    Torta del Nonna

    Give this Tuscan tart a delicious twist by adding dark chocolate to the traditional custard filling and delicate sweet pastry

    More effort
  • Chocolate orange tart

    Chocolate orange tart

    This clever no-bake tart from Elle Young uses raw cacao and coconut oil, sweetened naturally with dates, oranges and honey

  • Milk chocolate sorbet

    Milk chocolate sorbet

    You can make this sweet dessert up to a month ahead – serve it as part of a chocolate trio for an impressive dessert

    More effort