• Rotis (chapatis)

    Rotis (chapatis)

    Make a mainstay of many North Indian meals. Rotis – or chapatis – come in all sizes and thicknesses and are great served hot with butter or homemade ghee

    More effort
  • Lime pickle

    Lime pickle

    Pair this tart, tangy and refreshing lime pickle with a simple meal of dhal and boiled rice. The recipe makes a 500g jar and will last for three months

  • Simple mushroom curry

    Simple mushroom curry

    Serve these garlicky mushrooms in a rich tomato masala spiced with ground ginger, fennel seeds and cumin for an autumnal supper. Enjoy with rice or naan

  • Honey & soy chicken

    Honey & soy chicken

    This crowd-pleasing honey and soy chicken is great for family meals, buffets and picnics. Serve with rice and salad or steamed greens

  • Minced lamb & lentil patties (shami kebab)

    Minced lamb & lentil patties (shami kebab)

    Cook popular Indian party kebabs for Diwali made with lamb mince and lentils, seasoned with spices and sharpened with fresh coriander, ginger and chillies

    More effort
  • Paneer


    Making homemade paneer is suprisingly easy. This fresh cheese will have a softer texture than many shop-bought varieties, and is great in curries and salads

  • Shahi tukda

    Shahi tukda

    Enjoy a classic Mughal dessert of fried bread slices, steeped in sweetened cardamom milk, scented with saffron and rosewater and topped with chopped nuts

  • Kalakand


    Make this aromatic Indian sweetmeat for a treat. It has a soft and grainy texture and is infused with cardamom and rosewater