• Vegan chicken ramen

    Vegan chicken ramen

    Use up leftover veg to make this easy vegan ramen. You could also add frozen sweetcorn, edamame or greens for a tasty midweek meal

  • Christmas pigs in blankets casserole

    Christmas pigs in blankets casserole

    Use up leftover pigs in blankets from Christmas, along with carrots and parsnips, to make this easy casserole. It’s a great way to avoid festive food waste

  • Duchess potatoes

    Duchess potatoes

    Impress dinner guests with a serving of Duchess potatoes. Made with eggs, butter and Grana Padano and piped into swirls, they make an indulgent side dish

  • Apple turnovers

    Apple turnovers

    Treat family and friends to these moreish apple turnovers. With an apple and cinnamon filling encased in puff pastry, they’re delicious served with ice cream

  • Chiu Chow smacked cucumber

    Chiu Chow smacked cucumber

    Enjoy this spicy smacked cucumber with steak, if you like, or as an appetiser. ‘Smacking’ the cucumber allows the marinade to be absorbed into the flesh

  • Sticky rib hot pot

    Sticky rib hot pot

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Combine sticky ribs and a hot pot to make this fabulous family-sized casserole. It’s full of flavour, with pork ribs, sweet potato, red peppers and mangetout

    More effort
  • Siu mai (dim sum)

    Siu mai (dim sum)

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Make one of the most popular types of dim sum, siu mai. They’re traditionally topped with fish roe, but we’ve opted for goji berries for a pop of colour

    A challenge
  • Soy-basted mushroom burgers

    Soy-basted mushroom burgers

    Make a change from meat with these marvellous mushroom burgers. The sweetness of the onion and courgette goes beautifully with the savoury oyster sauce

  • Soy sauce caramel milkshake

    Soy sauce caramel milkshake

    Add a little soy sauce to a caramel milkshake for a savoury, salty edge. The flavour profile is less sweet overall, making it a perfect milkshake for grown-ups!