• Ssamjang


    This quick, tangy Korean sauce of soybean paste, chilli paste and mirin is perfect with bulgogi or any barbecued meat

  • Quick & easy Korean pork

    Quick & easy Korean pork

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Sweet and spicy marinated pork belly served with crisp fresh lettuce makes a sensational barbecued dish

  • Steamed white rice

    Steamed white rice

    Perfectly fluffy white rice is a staple side dish for many Asian meals – here’s how to get it right every time

  • Spicy spring onion salad

    Spicy spring onion salad

    This sharp side salad of spring and red onions finished with Korean chilli flakes and toasted sesame oil is perfect with barbecued dishes

  • Quick spicy radish pickle

    Quick spicy radish pickle

    Julienned mooli is lightly pickled in rice vinegar, chilli and sugar to make a tasty side dish to Korean main courses

  • Seasoned beansprouts

    Seasoned beansprouts

    Flavour blanched beansprouts with spring onion, garlic and toasted sesame seeds for a quick side salad to serve with Korean dishes

  • Sesame spinach

    Sesame spinach

    Flavoured traditionally with sesame, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar, this quick and simple dish is a classic and versatile Korean side

  • Jap Chae noodles with prawns

    Jap Chae noodles with prawns

    This authentic Korean noodle dish makes a delicious dinner party main course – to make it vegetarian, replace the prawns with pan-fried tofu

  • Bulgogi


    Marinate thinly sliced beef in a traditional Korean marinade, then pan-fry for a delicate balance of sweet and savoury flavours